How can I use CoughDrop in multiple languages?

You can use your CoughDrop AAC account to access and user boards in multiple languages.

Create a Speech Board

Before you can use CoughDrop to speak in other languages, you will need to have speech boards available in the needed language.  You can create your own board from scratch, or you can use the translate feature to translate an existing CoughDrop board.  

CoughDrop has a built-in translation feature which allows you to quickly translate boards from one language to another.  You can learn more about the CoughDrop translation feature in the support article for that topic.  



Set the voice for your account to the language used most often by your communicator.  This will generally be the language used on the communicator's home board.  


Make Boards Accessible

If your communicator will need to reach boards in a secondary language fairly often, you might consider adding a link to your home board which will open the secondary board set.  If you choose this option it is often best to designate the secondary board as a temporary home board when it is opened.



If you do not want the secondary board set linked to the home board, but still want it to be quickly accessible, you could pin the secondary board to the communicator's sidebar.  These boards can be reached no matter which other board a communicator has open so they are available for quick access.  



To add a board to the sidebar open the drop-down menu under "more" and select "add to sidebar."  You can rearrange or delete sidebar boards on your preferences page.



When using a board from the sidebar in speak mode, you can set the board as a temporary home board so you stay in that board set and do not return to your regular home board by opening the drop-down menu and selecting "set as temporary home."


Change Language

When you open a board in a secondary language, you will need to adjust the selected voice so that CoughDrop can speak the words appropriately.  

Enter speak mode then navigate to the board in your secondary language.  Open the drop-down menu and hit "switch language."  The program will attempt to locate a voice which matches the language of the speech board.  

When you return to a board in your primary language, you will again need to switch the language to return to your original language selection.


Available Voices

Every device is unique and each device will have different languages and voices available for use.  The languages available within the program will be limited to these available voices. 

CoughDrop does offer many premium voices for paid accounts which can be downloaded on iPads, Android, and Windows devices.  You can learn more about the premium voices available within CoughDrop in our support article.

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