How do I color multiple buttons at once in CoughDrop?

Rather than having to change the color of each button individually, you can color multiple buttons using the paint tool. This is especially helpful if you have organized your board into clusters based on similar meaning or purpose. You can also use the paint tool to hide or show multiple buttons more efficiently.

How-to video

Enable painting


When in Edit Mode, hit the "Paint" button to activate the painting tool.

Select a color


Select the color you'd like to paint with. CoughDrop shows suggestions for color intents based on the Fitzgerald key, but not all board authors hold to this key.

Start "painting"


To start painting hold down your mouse click or finger press on top of the first button you'd like to color, then drag around and every button you hover over will be colored the same.

Release when done


When you have finished dragging, release your mouse or finger. You can perform multiple drags with the same paint tool if that's easier. You can also use "Undo" and "Redo" to help take care of any accidental painting actions.  

Hit the "edit" button again to return to regular editing.

Return to normal editing

When you are finished, be sure to return to regular editing by hitting the "Edit" button. Otherwise you may get confused when you go to modify a button and it suddenly changes color (thank goodness for undo!).

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