How do I configure a button to modify already-entered words (i.e. inflections) in CoughDrop?

CoughDrop supports inflection modifiers for words (i.e. making a word plural, singular, past-tense, etc.). This is accomplished by configuring buttons to apply inflections to the most recent word in the vocalization window.

Note that in some cases the modifier may not make sense, but will still be applied (":plural" on "red" would become "reds")..

Supported modifiers are
":plural" (hat -> hats),
":singular" (cows -> cow),
":comparative" (happy -> happier),
":superlative" (sad -> saddest),
":possessive" (boy -> boy's),
":past" (laugh -> laughed)

":present-participle" (jump -> jumping).

Set inflection type

Set inflection type

To set a button as an inflection button, while in edit mode hit the button to open the "button settings window then select the "Sound" section. In the "speak" bar enter a colon (":") followed by the modifier you'd like to have applied (":plural", ":comparative", etc.). If you'd like to try it out you can enter a word in the second box...

Try it out

Try it out

And hit "Listen" to hear the word with the modifier applied.

When you are finished hit "Close" and make sure to save your changes.

Select inflection

When i Speak Mode, modifier buttons will show whatever label you set for them, so make sure it's something that will make sense for your user.

Inflection applied to the last word

When you hit a modifier button, it will apply the modifier to the last button in the vocalization window (in this case changing "can" to "cans").

Inflections on Sidebar

By default, there will be an inflections bar pinned to your CoughDrop sidebar while in speak mode.  You can add a button to open an inflections board to any speech board.  

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