How do I configure buttons to open a website, video, or online book in CoughDrop?

CoughDrop can be used as a launching point for videos (from YouTube, Google Drive, etc), online books, other applications, or websites. This can be useful for launching other web-based resources or learning activities from within CoughDrop.

Video Tutorial

Open button action settings


While editing a board, find the button you want to add a link to and tap the button to open the "button settings" window for that button.  Select "action" from the menu in the window.


Open a website


Select "Open a website in a browser tab" for "Action".

Enter URL

Enter URL


Enter the URL you want to have opened. When people hit this button while using the board, it will open the link you specify in a new web browser tab. On mobile devices depending on your settings this may launch a different web browsing application. You can test your link by hitting the "open in a browser tab" link to see what will happen. When you are finished, hit "Close".

Save changes


Make sure to save your changes before leaving the screen.

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