How do I pause logging when using CoughDrop?

Sometimes someone supporting a communicator may want to use the communicator's device for a moment, such as for modeling a desired button or sequence. If they just use the device as-is then their button presses will be tracked in the user's logs, and will be an inaccurate reflection of the communicator's vocabulary usage. Also, there are instances where a communicator may want to go "off-record" to say something private or to report a dangerous situation. CoughDrop supports both of these use cases.

For modeling, the ideal way is to set up supervisors for a communicator who can then model on their own devices without falsifying the logs. Sometimes that isn't possible though, so CoughDrop also allows for temporarily disabling logging.

Use Speak Mode Menu

To temporarily disable logging while in Speak Mode, hit the profile icon in the top right corner and select "Pause Logging". This will temporarily prevent any button presses from being logged. Logging will remain paused until it is manually un-paused, or after thirty minutes of user inactivity.

Resume Logging

To resume logging, hit the profile icon again and select "Resume Logging".

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