How do I rearrange buttons on a CoughDrop board?

CoughDrop makes it really easy to rearrange buttons on a screen. Here's how:

How-to video

Start dragging


To swap two buttons, find the first button and touch or press it with your mouse.

Keep dragging


Then start dragging it on the screen to see it move.

Notice you can also drag to the top of the screen for some quick helper actions.

Buttons will swap locations


As you drag the button around you'll see other buttons swap places with it, so you can easily see what will happen if you let go. When you have the button in the correct place just let go and the two buttons will be swapped.

Swapping without dragging


Not all users are able to drag and drop with high accuracy, especially on smaller boards. You can also swap buttons using the button settings window. Hit the button you want to swap to bring up the button settings window.

Swap with another button

Hit "Swap With..." to start the swapping process. The window will close and the next button you select will automatically be swapped with the current button.

Select button to swap with

Notice the icon has changed to indicate you are using the swapping tool. Select the second button and the two buttons will swap.

Save and complete


When you have finished arranging buttons, don't forget to hit "Save" to finalize your board changes.



You can hit "cancel" to undo any changes you have made to the board without saving them.  

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