How do I use my CoughDrop boards when offline?

CoughDrop can function whether or not you are connected to the Internet. Not all functionality is available when you are offline, but you can still have a fully-functioning communication device when disconnected from the Internet. To do this CoughDrop syncs your vocabulary set to your local device for offline use. Syncing will happen occasionally in the background as well.

Video Tutorial

Sync Now button

To save your vocabulary set for offline use, go to the home screen in CoughDrop and hit the Sync Now (make sure you are logged in first).



To save your vocabulary set for offline use, go to your CoughDrop dashboard screen and hit the "sync" button from the menu on the left.  Syncing saves the most current changes to the cloud and also saves them locally on your device meaning they can be accessed on that device even without an internet connection.  The boards available while offline will include any board linked to your home board and any boards saved to your sidebar.


Wait until sync is finished

Once the syncing process has finished the button will say "Sync Done!" and your boards can now be used offline. You can also edit and create communication boards while offline, and changes you make will be persisted to the CoughDrop system the next time you re-sync.

Reload Account

Once a full sync cycle has been completed, it is VERY IMPORTANT that you also reload the account on the device.  Reloading will override any previously synced data that may have been saved to the device in favor of the newest updates.  Some devices will do this automatically, but some devices need to be reloaded so that they ignore previously saved information and rely on the newest versions.


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