How do I print a physical copy of my board set in CoughDrop?

Sometimes it's useful to have a physical copy of your digital boards. There are environments like the pool or the beach where you may not want to expose a digital device.

CoughDrop lets you print physical duplicates of your board set that you can use in any environment. Some of our users pass them out to classmates to learn vocabulary or laminate them to take to the waterpark. Having more flexibility or even just a physical backup in case the battery dies on a device can be a useful resource.


Print a Board or Board set

Open the desired board to the "board actions" page and then open the drop-down menu under "more" and select "print board."


Some options will come up giving you the choice to include the vocalization window in your print or not and whether you want to print the full board set or just that one individual page of the board. 


If the board has no links then it will start downloading automatically. If the board links to any other board then CoughDrop will ask if you want to download just the current board, or also all boards that it links to. Either way, the download will be a single .pdf file.


After you select a download option you'll see a progress bar.


Once the download is finished you'll see a link to view the pdf. You can hit the link to download it to your device for whatever use you have in mind. Keep in mind that the file download link is only valid for about six hours after its created.


The downloaded file is a .pdf file that can be opened with any pdf viewer. The pdf file includes links that can be used on a digital device, and buttons that linked to other boards on CoughDrop have page numbers so you can tell where to flip in the printed copy.


Find a printable version of each of our Quick Core Vocabulary board sets in the blog post here.


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