How do I use my own pictures when editing a board in CoughDrop?

When editing a board you can search through the repository of open-licensed symbols provided by CoughDrop, or you can always use your own pictures as well. Pictures can easily be provided by URL, file upload, or webcam snapshot. You can also do minor edits to images, and specify licenses for your images so that others who copy and modify your board will be able to maintain proper attribution.

Video Tutorial

Open the button image settings section


To modify or set the image for a button, first open the speech board containing the desired button in edit mode and hit the symbol icon for that button to open the button image settings section.

Take a picture button


To take a picture, hit the little camera icon to open the webcam tool. Note that not all devices and browsers support taking a picture with the webcam (the camera tool uses HTML5, not Flash).

NOTE: Keep an eye out for the camera permission popup that your browser may show. Some of them aren't terribly obvious, but the camera preview won't show up if you haven't allowed CoughDrop access to your camera.

Snap a pic

Snap a pic


Hit "Take Pic" when you have the picture you like.





Once you've taken the picture you can review it, specify a  license, edit it, keep it as is or discard the new image. Hit "Use This" the complete the image update.


Entering a URL to an image

Entering a URL to an image


You can also specify images by URL rather than webcam. To do this just paste or type a URL in the search field and hit return. You should see a preview of the image appear for review.

To add an image from the internet, copy the image URL for the picture you would like to use.  Be cautious of privacy and copyright options for images.  Image libraries like Pixabay and Pexels provide free royalty free images that you can use.  Images from some sites may have privacy restrictions and should not be used on publicly shared speech boards.  



Now, paste the image URL in the search bar on the picture section of your button settings window.  Hit the "use this" button and this image will be assigned to your speech button.


Upload a picture button


If instead, you'd like to upload an image you have stored locally, hit the little cloud icon. This should load your device's file selection tool.


Find the image file


Find the file you want and select it.

Fun side note: you can also upload images by dragging them from your device's file browser and dropping them on the button where you'd like them to appear. This will not work on some browsers.

Pick an optional license

Pick an optional license


Once you see the image preview you can specify a license, including author information if it's attributed to someone other than you.

Editing an image

Editing an image


You can also hit "Edit Image" and an image editor interface will appear. This lets you crop and zoom the image, as well as invert it or colorize it for consistency. Once you're done hit "Use This" or "Close" to finalize your changes.

Board review and save


After you close the button settings window the updated image should appear on the board. Make sure to hit "Save" when you're done to finalize your changes.

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