How do I share my CoughDrop board with others?

CoughDrop allows you to make your boards publicly visible so anyone can find, copy and modify them. In addition, it may make sense for your to share your board outside of CoughDrop via email or social networks. This is a great way to help others find and benefit from the boards you have created.

Make sure your board is public first. When editing hit "More" then select "Edit Details" and make sure that "Anyone can see this board" is checked. Save the board. Then you can copy the link address for your board and share it with others.

How to video

Check for sharing


You can share any board owned by your account with other CoughDrop users.  

If your board is set as a public board, it will be searchable for all other users within CoughDrop.  This means that other communicators and supporters could search for and find your speech board.

**NOTE**  DO NOT assign a speech board as public if it contains any personal information relating to you, your communicator, or any other person. 

Edit the board to make it public

You can check the privacy setting of a speech board by opening the board actions page for that board and then selecting "board details" from the drop-down menu under "more."  

You can reach the board actions page by hitting the "i" icon in the corner of a board preview image or by exiting speak mode using a particular board.



In the board details window you can find the current privacy setting for this speech board.


Edit details to set as public

To adjust the privacy setting of a speech board, open the board in edit mode.



From the drop-down menu under "more" select "edit name and details."



Adjust the desired privacy under the "visibility" setting.


Save changes


Then hit "Save" to finish editing the board.

Click to share


To share your speech board with a specific CoughDrop account, hit the "share" button at the top of the board actions page.  


Share options


When you hit the "Share" button you'll see multiple sharing options. You can click or copy the link provided to share a link to the public board's web page with others, or you can hit the buttons below to share your board through various social options.



To share your board with other CoughDrop users, select the username of the person with whom you would like share the board if this person is someone you supervise or enter the CoughDrop username of the account with which you want to share.

**REMEMBER**  A shared board is ONE BOARD shared between your two accounts.  Changes made to this shared board by one user will also show on the board for the other user.  If you want to have two independent speech boards, each customizable and separate you will want to make a copy of the board instead of sharing it.


Find a shared board


To find a shared board in an account, open the account page and select "shared with me" from the menu under "more."



You will see the boards shared with this user displayed.

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