How do I locate a button I can't find in CoughDrop?

Vocabulary sets can get large and sometimes hard to navigate -- especially if you're not as familiar with them as other users. Whenever you are looking at a board in CoughDrop you can search for buttons either on that board or in your complete vocabulary set, and CoughDrop will help navigate you to them correctly.

Note that button finding will only work after you have synced your home board for offline use.

**The find-a-button speak mode feature is only designed for use on speech boards where English is the default, primary language.**


Video Tutorial

Find a button

Hit the profile icon and select "Find a Button" to bring up the button finder interface. This will work whether or not you are in Speak Mode (though in Speak Mode it will search not only the current board, but also the full vocabulary set).



A new window will appear where you can type the word you would like to search in the field and CoughDrop will display the search results below.



As you start typing you will see suggestions for buttons that match the word you're typing. Select the word you're looking for.



A path to reach that word will be highlighted on the screen so you can easily find it. If the button is on a different board you will see highlights for each step in getting to the correct button.

REMEMBER:  The find a button option will work for your home board if your account has been synced to the device you are using.  If it is not fully synced, the feature may not work.    

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