How do I make a copy of a board in CoughDrop?

You can make a copy of any board you have permission to access, including your own personal boards and any boards that other authors have made public. Copies will maintain a link back to the original board for attribution purposes.

Copying a board


When you are looking at someone else's board or a saved board in the system you can open the drop-down menu under 'more' and select 'make a copy'  to copy the board. A new window will open.  You can then make several selections regarding the new copy of the board.  You can select:

  • A new name for the board or board set
  • Which user you would like to have a copy of the board (if you are a supervisor)
  • If you would like to share your copy of the board with your supervisees
  • Whether the board will be public or private
  • If you'd like to translate the board into another language
  • Whether to copy the full board set or just the selected board and whether to keep or delete the connections from this board to other boards.  


Copying 'linked boards too' means making a copy of the board you are on and all boards linked to that board.  Having your own copy of the full board set means you own each board connected to the main board so you can edit each connected board.

Copying 'just this board' means making your own copy of just this one board.  If you select this option you can also choose whether to delete the connections to additional boards connected via speech buttons, or to keep the connections, but connect to the original board, not your own copy.  This would mean the main board would be your own copy  and could be edited, but connected boards would still link to the original board which belonged to the original owner of the board.  You cannot edit boards owned by another user unless you are that user's supervisor and you have edit ability on their account.


Note username to know board owner


The username listed in the board title as seen here will note the owner of this speech board.  You will be able to edit any board owned by your account.  Your new copy of the board will show YOUR account username (or the username of the supervisee for whom you made a copy) in the board title.


Copying a board vs sharing a board

Keep in mind that copying a board and sharing a board are two different system functions.  Copying a board means making your own, personal copy of the selected board.  Sharing a board means more than one account shares one single board so changes to the board in one account will also show in the other account.

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