How do I connect my CoughDrop account to a supervisor?

Supervisors have special access to other user accounts (see Supervisors for more information). You can add and remove supervisors at any time from your account summary page.

Video Tutorial

View Supervisors


Hit the "supervisor" button on your account page to open a new window.



You will see a listing of your current supervisors and can delete them by hitting the trash can icon.  To add a new supervisor, hit the "add supervisor" button in the center for the window.


Add a Supervisor


Add a supervisor who has an existing CoughDrop account by entering their name and then hitting "Add Supervisor".



Add a supervisor who needs a new CoughDrop account by selecting "add a new user."  Then input the account information for the new user and hit "add supervisor."   



If you want this supervisor to be able to edit boards and settings for you, be sure to check the box to allow this option.  If you do not check this box, the supervisor will be able to view your account boards and settings, but will not be able to make any changes.

If you need to change that edit status of your supervisor, you will need to delete them as a supervisor and then re-add them as a supervisor on your account and select the correct edit status.  

On that page you can delete any supervisor and also add more supervisors.

Add a supervisor using a supervisor credit in a communicator account

If you have purchased a supervisor credit in connection with a communicator account, you can use that credit to add a new or existing supervisor.  Log in to the communicator account and navigate to the account page.  Hit the "Supervisors" button near the top right of the screen and hit the "add supervisor" button in the new window.

Select whether you are connecting to an existing supervisor account or would like to create a new supervisor account to be connected as a supervisor for this communicator.  Then check the box as shown below to use the supervisor credit for this supervisor.


Remove Supervisor

To remove a supervisor linked to your account, open the "supervisors" tab on your account page and click the trashcan icon next to the name of the supervisor you want to remove.

This will NOT delete the supervisor's account from CoughDrop, but will remove your connection to that supervisor.  The supervisor will no longer have access to your account.  

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