How do I prevent the user from accidentally leaving Speak Mode in CoughDrop?

For some users it may make sense to prevent them from accidentally leaving Speak Mode and navigating into the settings and configuration area of CoughDrop. In those cases you can require a PIN before exiting Speak Mode. Speak Mode PIN is not a device-specific setting and applies for all devices for the current user.

NOTE: The Speak Mode PIN is *not* meant as a security measure and can be discovered by others who have access to the account.

Video Tutorial

Open Preferences

Access to the Preferences page by hitting the profile icon in the top right corner and selecting "Preferences".

PIN requirement setting

Check the box "Require a PIN when exiting Speak Mode" and enter a PIN. Make sure to hit "Save Preferences" to finalize your changes.

PIN required when exiting Speak Mode

PIN required when exiting Speak Mode

When users try to leave Speak Mode they'll be asked for the PIN. Don't worry, you can always reveal the PIN when prompted in case you forget.

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