How do I search for or discover helpful boards in CoughDrop?

Any user can create a board in CoughDrop, and optionally make it public for others to use as well. You can search and browse popular public boards for use as your home board or to incorporate into your personalize vocabulary set.

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Lots of ways to discover boards

You can find new boards in multiple ways. Using the search box available at the top of the home screen, you can search for boards matching any keywords you enter. Boards that involve that search term will be displayed.


Search results

When you search for boards you'll see results listed for any boards that match your search. You can browse these boards and make one of them your home board or personalize your vocabulary set to include any of these boards.



When you search for boards, you will see the display results categorized by publicly shared boards and boards owned by your account.

Filter Results for Your Boards

You can also use the "filter results" option on your account page to search for boards of buttons within your own account.  



These results will display only speech boards owned or shared specifically with your account not public boards created by other users.  



Tap the "i" icon in the top right corner of any board preview image to preview the first full page of the board in that board set.

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