What is the highlighted corner I see on some buttons on boards in CoughDrop?

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Highlighted corner OR folder icon

When you see a highlighted corner on a button, it means that when you select that button another board will load and come into view. This is how CoughDrop lets you access more than just the number of buttons that would reasonably fit on a single screen.

By default, CoughDrop will indicate buttons that open another speech board by highlighting the upper right corner of the button.  However, if you would prefer to have a folder icon indicate that the button opens a new board you can make that change on your preferences page.

Open the drop-down menu under your username and select 'preferences.'  In the 'general preferences' section check the box which reads 'show folder icons instead of colored corners for buttons that link to other boards.'

Back button

Back button

While in speak mode, if you hit a button that takes you to a new board you can always go back to the previous by hitting the "back" button in CoughDrop. The "home" button will take you back to your home board. Also, hitting a non-folder button may automatically return you to your home board.  You can change that setting on your preferences page as well.  

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