How do I review usage reports of a CoughDrop user I supervise?

Every user in CoughDrop can optionally turn on logging. Logging records all of the interactions a user performs while in Speak Mode, and is used to generate usage reports that can help a communicator and their support team see what words they're using, what time of day the app is getting used, and other details that can help the team better plan a long-term strategy. All supervisors have access to the usage reports of communicators they supervise.

CoughDrop Supervisor Video Tutorial

You can hit the "view reports" button on your dashboard next to the communicator for which you would like to view the usage reports.

A communicator's reports can be accessed from the supervisor's dashboard. Find the communicator you want to review, hit the "view reports" button next to their name and information. 




You can also select the "reports" tab on the account page of a communicator you supervise to view reports for that communicator.



Once you load the reports page you will see detailed summaries of the user's usage and communication over time. The reports can be filtered by time period for comparison and progress checking. You will need to be connected to the Internet in order to see the communicator's usage reports.


If a user has not enabled logging then no reports will be shown. In order for logs to be recorded, the communicator needs to enable logging and connect at least occasionally to the Internet while using CoughDrop, in order to push the reports to the cloud for report generation.
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