How do I temporarily prevent navigating away from the current board in CoughDrop?

While a user is first learning a new board in a vocabulary set, or when the topic of conversation is very focused, it may make sense to "lock" the user to the current board. When a user is locked to a board any navigation (hitting the "Home" or "Back" button or hitting a folder button) will not navigate away as usual. This lock will remain in place until it is disabled or the user leaves Speak Mode.

Stay on this Board


To lock the user to the current board, hit the profile icon in the top right corner and select "Stay on this Board".


Board lock enabled


While the board lock is enabled, users will see a brief warning when trying to navigate away from the current board.


Release Board Lock


When you are done working solely on the current board hit the profile icon again and select "Release Board Lock" to return to normal navigation.

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