What is a supervisor in CoughDrop?

Supervisors are linked to a user's account and have access to account information. If a teacher, therapist, administrator, parent, etc. is working with an individual, then all of these people can be connected to the user's account as supervisors.

Supervisors can see usage reports, logs, etc. They can modify a user's boards and access preferences from their own devices, and can download a copy of the user's vocabulary set for use on their own devices. Supervisors can also communicate with the user and each other by posting messages to the user's log.

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Some supervisor functions in CoughDrop

A supervisor's dashboard is slightly different than a regular communicator's. Supervisors will see a list of all the users they supervise, and they will have access to quick links for things like a communicator's reports, boards, profiles, etc. In addition, a supervisor can see a combined list of recent sessions for all of their communicators and will receive notifications of any changes to the boards of communicators they supervise.

Supervisors will see additional options when performing certain actions like copying a board or setting a home board. These new options will let them perform actions on their own behalf, or on behalf of communicators that they supervise.

Supervisors have the option to create new speech boards for their own account or for the account of someone they supervise.  This allows a supervisor to design a new board or communication set which will be owned by the communicator's account rather than creating a board and then trying to copy or share it with communicators. 


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