How do I save often-used phrases in CoughDrop?

You can save a small number of commonly-used sentences for quick reuse in CoughDrop.  You can also create journal entries and pause one phrase to speak another using CoughDrop's sentence composition features.

Video Tutorial

Saved Phrases


Save a commonly used phrase for quick access when needed.  Compose the phrase in your vocalization box then open the vocalization box drop-down menu and select "phrases."  Your saved phrases will show under the "quick" heading.  Select one to use it.



You can save composed journal entries under the "journal" heading.  Journal entries are private to the account holder and cannot be viewed by supervisors.  

Hold Thought


The "hold thought" function allows you to temporarily save a phrase that has been composed in order to speak something else.  For example, maybe you started to say something when someone asked you a question.  If you hit "hold thought" your original words will be held while you respond to the question.  You can then quickly "resume" the previous message without having to begin again.

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