How do I sync and save my CoughDrop boards for offline use?

CoughDrop can download your current vocabulary set for use even when disconnected from the Internet. While offline you won't be able to search for new boards, but using and even editing your downloaded boards should work correctly. Any changes you make when offline should automatically update the next time you connect to the Internet, but you can always manually sync to make sure all changes are applied.

Syncing your account saves the most current changes from the cloud to the local memory on your device.  This allows CoughDrop to move more quickly between boards and also allows you to use CoughDrop board even when you are not connected to the internet.

When your account syncs it will save your home board and any boards linked to your sidebar locally on the device.  These are the boards that will be available when you use CoughDrop offline.  If you want to use a speech board while offline be sure that board is linked to your home board or saved in your sidebar.  

Sync Now button

To sync, make sure you are logged in and go to the dashboard page in CoughDrop and hit the "sync" bar. You will see an updated message when sync is complete.  You can hit "recent sync details" in the space below the menu to review the most recent sync details.
If there are errors reported in your sync hit the "recent sync details log" and then tap "see details" in the new window.  If you scroll to the bottom of the log you will see any errors found during the sync highlighted in red.  The system will report the issue is identified and the board from which that problem originates.


Most sync errors come because a board has been deleted but a button from another board is still programmed to open that deleted board.  Simply changing the "action" in "button settings" for the connecting board to either delete the command to open another board OR to connect that button to another board will normally correct the problem.

Look for our support article on correcting a sync error for more information.
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