How do I set up scanning options in CoughDrop?

Scanning is a button selection method that can be used to support communicators who may have trouble hitting buttons consistently. Button scanning is accomplished with one or more switches that can be hit or activated to select buttons. The communicator sees or hears buttons or groups of buttons "scanned" through and then selects the desired option by using their switch.

CoughDrop Switch and Scanning Video Tutorial

Set Up Scanning

To configure scanning, access the Preferences page by hitting the profile icon in the top right corner and then selecting "Preferences". Scroll down until you see "Scanning" as an option.

When "Enable switch-activated scanning" is selected, a new set of preferences will appear. Scanning can operate row-by-row, column-by-column, or in user-defined regions of rows and columns. The scanning interval is how long of a delay will occur between each scanning option. If you have one or more switches you can map these to keyboard buttons and then specify which keyboard buttons should be used to trigger "Next" and "Select" events. If you don't have switches, you can optionally use the entire screen as one or two invisible switches.

The currently-available option will be highlighted in a red box for visual identification, and can optionally be spoken aloud as well. The red box will move or "scan" through all of the available options. If the "Select" switch is activated then the currently-highlighted button will be selected and all actions will occur as if the button were clicked or touched by the communicator.

To help save time, row, column and region-based scanning first highlight blocks of buttons, then when the user selects a block of buttons the individual buttons in that group will be scanned through. When scanning within a block, the last option (after all the buttons are scanned) will be to "back out" of the block in case the user made a mistake or wants to go back to scanning through the blocks without making a selection.

iOS Scanning

Another option for scanning on iPad and iPhones is the use the operating system's scanning tool. We work to keep CoughDrop compatible with iOS scanning as well as our built-in scanning functionality.

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