What devices will work with CoughDrop?

There are many strong benefits to choosing a dedicated communication device when working with AAC.  Often, the Forbes AAC team can help communicators and teams work through the process to have a ProSlate or WinSlate tablet with added safety and accessability features approved by insurance or other funding sources.  Please reach out to our team to let us help you with that process. 


However, there are times when a funded AAC device is not the right fit.  In that case, CoughDrop can help you by functioning on most modern platforms and device types.  

CoughDrop is built on web standards and will run on most modern interfaces, including desktop and laptop computers (Chrome and Safari are the recommended browsers), iPads and iPhones, Android tablets and phones, Kindles, Chromebooks, and Windows devices.

CoughDrop will run on other systems as well, but is not tested for compatibility on all systems.  However, since CoughDrop can be accessed through the web any device that can navigate the internet will likely be able to log in to your CoughDrop account.

CoughDrop does require access to browser storage in order to run properly, but many browsers support these storage settings by default.

While the CoughDrop app is free to download on any device, you must first create an account through the CoughDrop website before you will be able to log in.  You can learn more about registering for a CoughDrop account here.  

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