How do I change the pronunciation of a speech button?

There may be times when the voice selected on your account does not pronounce a word the way you want.  When that happens you can choose to smile and accept it or you can work to tweak the pronunciation to correct the button's sound.

Edit the Sound Settings

To adjust the pronunciation of a word on a speech board, first, open the speech board containing the speech button you want to change in edit mode.

Next, tap the button you want to edit to open the button settings window for that button and select "sound."

Normally, the program will simply speak the words as they are composed on your speech button. 


But when pronunciations are not to your liking you can alter the word pronunciation by entering a new pronunciation guide in the "speak" box here in the button settings window.  Check the pronunciation by hitting the "listen" button.

You will probably need to think through the word pronunciation phonetically to get it to sound the way you want.  

An Example

 On this Star Wars speech board, the button for Qui-Gon Jinn was originally pronounced "Key Gun Jinn" by the default voice in the CoughDrop program.  

Obviously, that was not acceptable.  

So, to correct the problem, a phonetic version of the Jedi's name was entered into the "speak" box in the button settings "sound" window.

This adjustment altered the pronunciation and helped the system speak the name correctly.  

You may need to think creatively, break the word into multiple parts, and think outside the box to find an arrangement that works to achieve your desired pronunciation.  

You may also want to look for phonetic pronunciation help for unique or difficult words from other sources (like an internet search).

Word entered in all capital letters will be spoken by spelling them letter by letter rather than as a composed word.

Remember that you can record your own sound for a speech button if that will be a better option.   

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