How can I keep from leaving the CoughDrop app on an iOS device?

When using an iOS device like an iPad or an iPhone, you can prevent a communicator from leaving the app by opening the Guided Access feature on the device.

Apple Guided Access allows you to temporarily restrict the iOS device to a single app, disable certain areas of the screen, or disable the hardware buttons.

To enable guided access on an iOS device, tap settings > general > accessibility > Guided Access.  



Once you have opened the Guided Access options you can turn Guided Access on or off, set a passcode to prevent someone from leaving an app without entering the code, and decide whether the device can go to sleep during a Guided Access session or not.



To start using CoughDrop with guided access, first open the CoughDrop app.  Then triple-press the home button on your device.  Next, adjust the settings for the sessions and then hit 'start.'  

To end a guided access sessions, again triple-press the home button and enter the Guided Access passcode you set earlier.

Please keep in mind that Guided Access is an iOS device feature and is not something managed by CoughDrop.


Prevent battery drain while using guided access

In iOS 9 and later the default settings are configured so that the auto-lock time no longer applies when used in Guided Access.  This means the device will remain active and can continually drain the battery even when an auto-lock time has been set.

However, there is an adjustment you can make which will help to avoid unwanted battery drain while using Guided Access.

Within the Guided Access settings if you turn ON the sleep/wake button option the device will sleep after a period of time and in addition, you can use the device lock button to lock the device immediately.

To make this adjustment, open Guided Access by triple pressing the home button.  Hit 'options' under the 'hardware buttons' heading then switch the sleep/wake button to on.  

This setting is specific to each app used while in Guided Access, so the change will need to made when you enter Guided Access for each individual app.


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