What are some speak mode features in CoughDrop?

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Speak mode features

CoughDrop offers many features within the program to make maneuvering speak mode easier.  Of course, CoughDrop will voice selected buttons when they are pressed.  Users can clear one message word at a time with the back arrow or the entire composed phrase with the clear button.

However, CoughDrop offers more dynamic features as well.  Use the drop down menu from the vocalization window to see options to "say this louder," "share this" on social media or by email, or "remember this" to paste the composed phrase in the drop down for quick future access.  The phrase will be deleted from the menu if the user logs out of CoughDrop.

From the drop down menu under the user icon you can search for a desired speech button, pause logging, lock navigation, or set a temporary home board.

Triple pressing the clear button will engage the modeling feature so all words selected will be logged as modeled words rather than communicator speech.  

If you long press a button on the speech board, you will be taken directly to edit mode for that board so you can make quick changes.  When you save the changes you will be returned to that board in speak mode.

Several of these features have their own support article and video tutorial if you would like to learn more.  

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