How do I set a 'home,' 'back,' or other basic button in CoughDrop?

CoughDrop allows you to configure speech buttons to perform several different functions.  Of course, the buttons can speak words, they can also link to TarHeel Reader books, open other apps or web pages, and link to online videos.

CoughDrop also has pre-programmed quick steps to add some commonly requested buttons to a speech board.  While several of these button options are available already when the program is in speak mode, you can add a speech button to a board set which will perform the same function for your communicator.

Add a pre-programmed button

To add a pre-programmed button to a CoughDrop speech board, first, open the board in 'edit mode.'

Hit the button you want to edit to access the 'button settings' window for that board.  Now, select 'sound' from the button settings menu on the left of the window.

Finally, enter the pre-programmed command into the box labeled 'speak' to create the desired button.  


Pre-programmed buttons and commands include:

  1. Home button (return to the current home board): type :home
  2. Back button (return to the previous page): type :back
  3. Clear button (clear the vocalization window): type :clear
  4. Speak button (to speak everything compiled in the vocalization window: type :speak
  5. Backspace button (to go back one space in the vocalization window): type :backspace
  6. Beep button (to make a beep sound): type :beep
  7. Space button (to add a space or move to the next word -- complete spelling on a keyboard page): type :space


Remember that most of these pre-programmed buttons are already available in speak mode and are connected to the vocalization window.  

The house button will take you to the home board, the back arrow will take you back to the previous speech board, hitting the vocalization window will speak all words contained within the window, the back tab will delete one word from the vocalization window, and the 'x' button will clear all words from the vocalization window.

Additional speak mode functions are available if you open the drop-down menu in the vocalization window or under your user icon.

If you have questions about how to program a speech button or how to get a button to perform a specific function you can contact our support team by hitting the 'support' button at the bottom of your CoughDrop dashboard page.



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