What are CoughDrop's 'cloud extras' and how can I access those?

When you register for a premium CoughDrop account you will have access to the program's cloud extras.  

If you sign up for the monthly payment plan you will be able to use the cloud extras for as long as you continue payments on your account.  

If you sign up for a $295 USD one-time purchase of the program, you will receive five full years of cloud extras for free as part of your purchase.

Learn more about the costs to purchase a CoughDrop account here.

CoughDrop's cloud extras are bonus features contained in the program which are supplemental to CoughDrop's basic AAC functions.  These extra features make it easier to track growth and learning of an AAC user and support everyone connected to the communication team.  They can be very helpful as AAC supporters create IEPs, set goals, and implement communication strategies.

Cloud extras include features like:

  • in app logs
  • usage reports
  • tracking core vs fringe words
  • team messaging
  • location based reports
  • goals and badges  
  • organization management tools

These features are NOT part of the basic AAC functions within the program.  

**Note: If you have purchased a lifetime account, you will NEVER lose access to the basic CoughDrop AAC functions.  Those basic functions include ALL  primary operations like board creation, voice options, speak mode actions, image libraries, printing speech boards, supervisor accounts, and connecting speech buttons to websites or apps.

CoughDrop is constantly looking for ways to support AAC users and their advocates so the list of cloud extras is ever expanding.  

If an account's free access to five years of these extra features has expired, the account will have the option to continue its access to these features for an additional fee OR simply use the basic AAC features for no additional charge.

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