How do I assign supervisors to communicators using the 'room' feature?

Because staff within your organization may change from time to time, and communicators may be assigned to different rooms, SLPs, or managers CoughDrop has provided a tool to manage that change.  

To adjust your organization settings, click on "organization management" from your CoughDrop dashboard. 

Next, click on the "rooms" tab on the right to organize those assignments. 

Although this function is called "rooms," it does not have to reflect a physical environment. Think of this as an area being used to assign a supervisor, teacher, therapist, support staff, etc over all the communicators they work with. It can be used for board management, segmented reporting, and addressing support and user settings. 

These assignments are meant to be more temporary (the communicator might move age group, a staffing change, or the communicator moves from your institution). You can more permanently attach a supervisor to a communicator (like a family member) outside of the organizational tool as they will have stewardship of the communicator for a longer term. 

Instructions for how to do that can be found here: How do I connect my CoughDrop account to a supervisor?

Please note that a supervisor or a communicator can be assigned to multiple rooms. 

First, create the “room” - 

To add a supervisor or communicator to a room, click on the plus “+” icon and select the user you would like to add to that room. 

Note: The user has to both be created and accepted into your institution before he or she can be added to a room.

Supervisors can be added with either ‘edit’ permission (the ability to edit boards and user settings), or as a ‘view only’ partner (the ability to view the user and their reports & activities, or access and model & speak on their boards). 

Reporting can then be viewed for these rooms (or groups) by clicking on the ‘stats’ link next to the room name:

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