How do I reset the password for a user in my organization?


As an account administrator, one of the tasks you will handle is the management of usernames and passwords. 

You can find a username in your organization and adjust some user settings as an admin for the group. Though you cannot access the set password for security reasons, you can reset the password, or assign a new one from your organization tools area when those actions are needed. 

To access your organization settings, click on Organization Management from your CoughDrop dashboard. 



Then click on the user you need to manage. 


From the user's account overview page, you have quick access to their reporting, account settings, goals/badges and other helpful topics. 

The account’s username is found just below their full name at the top left



At the bottom of the page under the "Support Actions" heading, click on "reset password."  


Once you confirm the action to reset the password, a temporary password will be assigned to the account.   

Note: the exclamation point “!” is not part of the password.



You can give this temporary password to the user or supervisor, and have them change it to something they can remember on their profile page OR you can use the account's username and the temporary password to log in to the user account and reset the password for the user.



Of course, every user has the ability to reset their own password by hitting the "support" button at the bottom of their Coughdrop dashboard.   But resetting the password through the organization page may be a quicker option to set things straight and get communicators back on their way! 


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