How do I add supervisors, managers, and communicators to an organization?

CoughDrop has a built-in organization management tool to support schools and groups with multiple AAC users and supporters.  This tool can help to make it easier for an organization to maneuver communicators and supervisors.

Accessing the Organization

There are three main user types within a CoughDrop organization.  These user types are managers, supervisors, and communicators. If you manage an organization, you can create/add and remove these users at any time from your organization tools settings. 

To access your organization settings, click on the organization name in the "organization management" section of your CoughDrop dashboard.  This section is noted by a paper clip icon.

On your organization management screen, select the "admin" tab from the menu on the left then click on the type of user you’d like to add.

Managers can create and edit groups within the org and can access speech boards, reports, and information for other users.  Assistant managers can also add users to the group and arrange rooms within the org but they do NOT have access to a communicator's speech board and reports.

Supervisors can be assigned to room groups and can oversee communicators with or without the ability to edit communicator accounts depending on your preference.  

Communicators are those who use CoughDrop for speech and can either be sponsored by your organization or not.  Sponsored communicators are allotted one of the CoughDrop licenses purchased by your organization, unsponsored communicators have purchased their own account but can still be linked to your organization.

Adding Users to the Org

If the user you are adding already has a CoughDrop account, enter the username of that account and click “Add Supervisor/[user type].” The account will then need to approve the addition to the organization (from their own dashboard) as it will give the admin permission to oversee their account.

When an existing user is added to an org, that user will need to accept the invitation to join the org before their account is linked to the org.  You will notice that users who have been invited to join the org but have not yet approved the link are listed as "pending" within the org.

Accepting an Org Invitation

When an existing user is added to an organization -- whether it is a manager, a supervisor, or a communicator -- that user will need to accept the invitation to join the organization before their account can fully function within the org.

To accept (or decline) and org invitation, the user can go to his or her dashboard page and hit the "updates" tab at the top of the page.  

You will then see a notification alerting the user that they have been invited to join an organization.  Hit that link to approve linking the account to this org.

Adding a Brand New User

If the user does not already have a CoughDrop account, you can create one by clicking on “new user” on your organization page.

This will open a "new user" window.  Fill out the appropriate fields and then hit "create user" to create the new account.  This user will NOT need to accept the invitation to join your org because their account was created from within the org.

Adding a communicator is done following the same steps as above. 

Please note that there are 2 types of communicators in your organization --sponsored and unsponsored. 

A sponsored account uses one of the paid, allocated licenses provided by your organization. These can be acquired through a purchase with CoughDrop.  You can reach out to us at any time to purchase additional accounts or hit the "billing" tab on the menu on your organization page.

An unsponsored account allows the user to be part of your organization (allows for board editing, user settings, supervisor assignment, reports view, and oversight), but the funding is provisioned from an outside source (family, former institution, generally purchased via credit card in the application).


The status of sponsorship can be changed at any time by simply typing in the username and clicking "add sponsored user" or "add unsponsored user," even if the user already has a status set in your organization. 

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