How can I translate a speech board into a different language?

CoughDrop offers an in app translation feature which uses Google Translate to change speech boards from one language to another.  While CoughDrop was created to function primarily in English, we know that there are AAC users around the world that need access to speech support and we want to do everything possible to help every voice be heard

Watch our support article on board translation

To get started, find the board that you would like to translate and select it in CoughDrop.

Next, open the drop down menu under "more" and select "board details."

A new window will open.  Hit the "translate board" button in the bottom left corner of the window.  

You will now need to set your preferences for the translation.  Decide whether you want to translate all of your boards or just the board you have selected, select the language to which you would like to translate the boards, and then decide if you want to set this language as your default language in the system.

Hit the "start translation" button when you are ready to go.

CoughDrop will open a new window with the suggested translation for each of the button labels on the selected board.  You can preview these labels and make adjustments as needed.  While many translations will be good, they will probably not be perfect and may need some tweaking to get them just right.

Be sure to pay particular attention to the board name which will be the first translated block -- this is how you can search for the board later.

Once the button labels have been edited to match your desires, hit the "accept translations" button at the bottom of the window.

Once your translation is complete, you will see your newly translated board and can add it to your communication set or use it as needed.

In order for CoughDrop to speak the speech buttons correctly in your selected language you will also need to change your language selection in preferences.  Learn how to change your CoughDrop language selection here.

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