How do I add TarHeel Reader or Core Communication Workshop books to my CoughDrop speech board?

CoughDrop speech boards can be configured so that they connect to books on the TarHeel Reader or Core Communication Workshop sites.  This brings reading opportunities straight into the AAC app and gives communicators and their supporters quick access to them.

Support Video on Adding TarHeer Readers to CoughDrop speech boards

Add a book to CoughDrop

To add a TarHeel Reader or Core Communication Workshop book to a CoughDrop speech board, you first need to locate the book you would like to use.  Visit the TarHeel Reader website or the Core Communication Workshop website to browse for books that will work for your communicator.



Next, create a CoughDrop speech board which will hold the books you have chosen, or open a board you've previously created in edit mode to add TarHeel Reader books to the board.

While in edit mode, hit the button you would like to edit, then select "action" from the menu on the left.  



Open the drop-down menu from the box and select "open a web site in a browser tab."   



Now you need to copy the URL for the book you have chosen from the TarHeel Reader or Core Communication Workshop website.



Finally, paste the URL that you copied into the box provided in the CoughDrop action window.



Once you have added the url to the action window, you will be able to adjust the settings so that that book functions within CoughDrop the way you would like.  

You can have the book read directly in CoughDrop or you can choose to have it open in a pop-up window.

You can use the book preview as your button image, or you can select a different image by hitting "picture" in the button settings menu on the left.

You can choose to have the words of the book read aloud, or leave the book to be read silently by your communicator.

You can choose to add the book text to the vocalization window which will cause the words to be included as part of the communicator's verbalized speech in logs and reports, or you can choose not to include the book text in that way.

You can also make changes to the links, text, and background as needed.


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