How do I set goals and earn badges within CoughDrop?

CoughDrop Goals and Badges Video

Select a Goal

CoughDrop has a goals feature which allows communicators and supporters to set and track communication goals.  Users can find goals by navigating to the account page and hitting "goals" in the menu on the left side of the screen.  Teams can select a pre-programmed goal from within the system or create a goal to fit the needs of their communicator.  The goal may relate to the number of speech events in a day or week, the use of core words, or a specific task for the communicator or team.  Many goals can be tracked by the CoughDrop system, but goals can also be monitored by the communication team.

Set a Goal

Communication teams can use the in app assessment tool to monitor progress and can leave messages, notes, or encouragement relating to the goal which can be viewed by the communicator and any supervisors.  

Award Badges

Once a goal has been selected or created, a badge can be attached to the goal to be awarded manually or when specific tasks are completed.  To create a badge, select the goal the badge will match then hit "edit goal" at the bottom of the screen.  Next check the box for "This goal will have one or more badges attached" and use the badge tool to choose a picture, set the requirements for the badge, and even add a sound to play when the badge is earned.  

Award Badges

Communicators can see a list of badges awarded and goals in progress within the goals section by hitting "see user badges."  Badges earned will also display on the user's dashboard when they are awarded.  

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