How do I personalize a CoughDrop board on behalf of someone I supervise?

Home boards

When a user is added as a supervisor for a communicator, they can optionally be given edit permission for that communicator's account. If edit permission is given, then the supervisor, in addition to seeing usage reports about that communicator, can also make changes to the communicator's board set.



An editing supervisor, when they select "Set as Home Board", will see additional options.



This allows them to set the home board not only for themself, but also for any communicators they are supervising. Notice that this supervisor does not have edit permission for all of the users they supervise. 

Supervisors with edit permission can also edit and copy boards on behalf of communicators they supervise. The board editing interface is the same regardless of whether you're editing boards for yourself or for someone you supervise.


Editing a communicator's board

You can edit a speech board owned by your communicator's account if you have been given edit ability for that communicator.  Each supervisor can be added as either a view-only supervisor or as a supervisor with edit ability.  



You will know you have edit ability for a communicator account if you open your account page, select the "supervision" tab at the top of the page and check to see if "editing allowed" is displayed next to the communicator's name.  If it is, then you have been given the ability to edit boards and settings for that account.

To edit a speech board owned by your communicator's account, tap "communicators" in the blue menu bar of your dashboard screen then hit "extras" within the window for the desired communicator.  Now select "account" to go to that communicator's account page.



On the account page, if you choose the heading "mine" you will see a listing of the board owned by the communicator's account.  Tap on the "i" icon for any board on that page to see a board preview.  Then hit "board actions" in order to edit that speech board.



You can verify the owner of any speech board by looking at the board title.  The board owner's username will be listed in the board title.



Once you are on the "board actions" page you can hit "edit board" to open the board for editing.

Create a new board for a communicator you supervise

If you need to create a brand new board for a communicator that you supervise, you can do that by selecting "create a new board" from the menu under your user icon in the top right of the screen.  



When you select that option, a new window will open allowing you to customize the new board.  You will see a heading titled "for."  Open the menu next to this heading to select the account for which you will be creating the speech board.  



As you edit this board, it will be assigned to the chosen account.  You will be able to locate it on the account page of the user for which you assigned ownership.

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