How do I sync the boards of a CoughDrop user I supervise?

oughDrop automatically syncs a user's boards by downloading them to the device memory when there's an Internet connection so that when the device goes offline the user can still access all their boards.

Syncing saves the home board and boards connected to the sidebar locally on the device for quick movement between speech boards and offline use.

When a user is a supervisor over communicators, CoughDrop automatically includes all the boards of a supervisor's communicators in that sync process. All the supervisor needs to do is sync as usual, and then all the boards for all of their communicators will be available offline. The sync will take longer because of the additional boards.



You can view the sync progress of your account by checking the options on the right of your dashboard screen.  If there is an error in the sync it will be noted in this box once the sync has been completed.

Sync errors almost always occur when a speech board has been deleted but a speech button on another board is still set to connect to that deleted board.  You can find details relating to sync errors by hitting the "recent sync details log" button indicated by the red arrow in the image above.  

If you have questions about a sync error within your account please hit the "?" icon in the top right of your CoughDrop dashboard to reach out to our support team.  

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