How do I customize an existing board in CoughDrop?

CoughDrop allows you to connect to boards created by different authors, or to take boards others have created and personalize them using your own pictures, additional buttons, different order, etc. Personalized boards can remain private or can be re-shared for others to continue to modify or personalize.

Personalize a board you created

When you are logged in and looking at one of your boards, you can hit "Edit Board" to begin personalizing or modifying the board in place. If other people are using the board you may see a warning about modifying a board that is in use by others.


Copy & personalize a board  created by someone else

When you are looking at someone else's board or a board owned by CoughDrop you can open the drop-down menu under "more" and select "make a copy" to copy the user's board. Choose whether you want a copy of that single board or if you would like to copy all boards linked to this board as well.  This will make a new copy owned by you that you can then change as you would like.


Make a new copy of a board you already own

You can also make a new copy of a board you already own if you want to make additional changes or test changes to an existing board before making them official.  You can also adjust the symbol set of the images on the board when a copy is made, or make a copy for a communicator you supervise if you are a supervisor within CoughDrop.  



If you try making a copy of the board that's currently part of your vocabulary set, CoughDrop will ask if you want to swap out the new copy for the original in your communication set. Note that this can potentially make copies of every board in your vocabulary set, since it also will need to update any links that point to the modified board.

You will know the owner of a speech board by looking at the board title.  The username of the board owner will be listed at the beginning of the board title.  

This board is owned by the account with the username "albert".



You will be able to edit any board which is owned by your account.  You can make a copy of any speech board shared publicly in CoughDrop.  Use the "search" window near the top left of most CoughDrop screens to search for speech boards on a particular topic.


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